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Alza was founded more than two decades ago. It first started trading as Alzasoft in 1994. It became a market leader in 2008 and has won several prestigious awards over the years for the quality services it offers to millions of customers. It is now a purely Czech joint-stock company. It is owned by a group of investors through the holding company L.S. Investments Limited. Alza is one of the largest online retailers of consumer electronics in Central Europe with several e-shops. Its portfolio also includes the hobby, media, entertainment, sports and beauty segments.


Signosoft was tasked with designing a biometric signature solution for Alza. In addition to signing contracts, the goal was to reduce paperwork costs and facilitate the signing process. Signosoft tailored the solution to Alza’s requirements. Our developers have created an online application where the generated contracts are sent for signature. The application then sends all signed contracts and concepts to the storage system. Signosoft helped with the integration of the application into Alza’s infrastructure to make the whole process fast and efficient. The application was adapted to the visual style of the client. Last but not least, Signosoft provided Alza with all the necessary hardware.

Alza employees now use extremely secure biometric signatures on signpads. With our solution, the process of generating, signing and storing a contract has become much faster and easier. Thanks to Signosoft’s secure signature technology, the solution is extremely secure. The entire process is now automated, transaction management is thus accelerated and all signed contracts are of course archived.

Work should be about the decisions you make, not about the unnecessary paperwork. 


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