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Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna, a. s. was founded in 1993 and today its sole shareholder is Komerční banka, a member of the Société Générale banking group.
The Blue Pyramid concentrated its business on providing housing loans, helping people to privatise their flats, reconstruct their housing stock and, of course, to buy or build property. Over time, its portfolio expanded from a pure building society to a provider of financial services and financial advice, including insurance and investment products. Over the course of its existence, the Blue Pyramid has lent almost CZK 200 billion to its clients. It has helped more than 400,000 customers to achieve their dream home.


The Blue Pyramid sought to digitise contracts, simplify the process of concluding agreements and, last but not least, save costs. In practice, it has been verified that customers accept Signosoft’s technology in the form of biometric signatures very positively. Thanks to this solution, Blue Pyramid partners save time for their clients. The contract does not have to be printed in advance and even if the terms and conditions change at the last minute, everything can be adjusted on the spot and the contract can still be signed without the need to reprint it. The contract is then processed much faster and the required service can be activated in less time. For the Blue Pyramid, sustainability goes hand in hand with digitalization; thanks to the technology of electronic signatures, the company saves not only printing costs, but especially nature. A very important result of the Signosoft solution implementation is the customer impression of the whole service, which has improved significantly.

Work should be about the decisions you make, not about the unnecessary paperwork. 


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Czech Republic

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