Do you want to simplify your work and save a lot of time and money? In that case, you are right here. If you are considering signing up with Signosoft, there is nothing easier than trying our free app. But if you want to learn more about the signing process, read our brief summary of how it all works.

So let’s explain in more detail how the Signosoft electronic signature works compared to the classic manual signing.

Classic signature

The traditional method of signing is a lengthy, costly and non-ecological process. You will first print out the document that comes to you for signing and sign it manually. Now comes the problematic phase of scanning, because not everyone has a scanner at home and photographed documents are not always accepted, especially often by the state administration. However, if you manage to scan the document, you must send it to the other party and then save it.

Electronic signature

In this process, however, you can save a few steps with Signosoft and thus a lot of valuable time, money and often nerves. Let’s see how to sign and send a document with our application. You can easily sign the incoming document, or the one you created, in the application digitally or biometrically. You can send it directly from the application by e-mail, and this document is also immediately saved in the application, where you can access it anytime and from anywhere.

The advantage is that nowadays there is a legal obligation to accept documents in electronic form as well as in writing. At the same time, the electronic signature has the same legal weight as the traditional one. There is nothing to be afraid of. Come and sign with us electronically. Register for free and try our application on 5 documents.

Register for free and try our application on 5 documents.

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