We started cooperating with the largest mobile operator in the Czech Republic, T-Mobile, but also with its Slovak division Slovak Telekom, at the end of 2019. T-Mobile provides telecommunications services in the Czech Republic to more than 6 million customers. Moreover it has more than 2 million clients in Slovakia as well.

Where to use el. signature in T-Mobile?

Due to the nature of its business, the transition to electronic signing of contracts, amendments and other documents towards customers was an absolutely key innovation. First of all we started cooperation with the door-to-door division, then we took over retail and now we are working on the involvement of other departments.

Major benefits for T-Mobile

Electronic signature has set up a system for the use of digital contracts. Not to mention that it has drastically reduced the printing of paper documents. The whole process of concluding contracts has significantly accelerated and also helped to make the work of sales representatives more efficient.

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We successfully used the Signosoft software in the contract validation process. This has significantly contributed to increase the security of contractual processes and simplifying subsequent back-office procedures. Equally we have added optical character recognition to the signature application to verify the customer’s identity. In effect contracts are now processed fully digitally and are automatically accompanied by scanned data from client identification documents.

Technology overview

We installed the software on Samsung Active Tab 2 tablets, and the biometric signature of the document is performed using S Pen technology. Firthermore we connected the Signosoft solution to existing customer databases through API integration. In addition, a Signosoft server and database were implemented in the customer’s infrastructure, enabling the following key functions – template and user management, pre-filling of contract forms, processing of signed documents and much more.

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120,000 contracts a month

The biggest effect of the introduction of electronic signature from Signosoft was shown in the area of Retail. More than 120,000 contracts are signed here every month. In total, T-Mobile signs more than 1.4 million documents a year thanks to an electronic signature from Signosoft.

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